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Aliada: Unique culinary experiences in a classic house of the 19th century in Limassol!

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This restaurant fits perfectly this old aristocratic neighbourhood in Limassol, which is still admired for its impressive, classic houses. The high ceiling of the 19th century house, with the large, wooden windows, the magnificent art on its floor and the balcony with the artistic railings, proved to be the best venue for the refined dishes of Aliada restaurant.

Choosing a name that refers to unique culinary experiences, Aliada restaurant has combined the elegance of the venue where it first opened in 1997, with the refined flavors of its menu. Presenting a dinner of 5 courses to its guests (from the appetizers to the dessert), with a wide range of dishes from the international cuisine, it has already managed to stand out as a dining option.

The impressive buffet with cold appetizers is followed by amazing dishes, from hot or cold soups, to tasty past and properly cooked meats. The dessert buffet is a great closure for such a dinner, with the flambé dessert being the highlight of the evening. For those who prefer a lighter dinner, the restaurant has created a combination of 3 equally tasty dishes, while it has also included the option of a dinner with sushi.

The dining experience at Aliada is complemented by the elegant air of the restored house, as well as by the live music from the piano situated in the main hall.

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