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Akapnou: The charms of a village in Limassol with population smaller than a school classrom's!

A beautiful, small village, with lots of greens surrounding it, located at the eastern areas of Limassol district’s hills, has less residents than a school classroom. Indeed, its unique charms inspires anyone who visits it, to capture amazing photo moments.

Akanou, even though it does not count for its population of merely 20 residents, is a village with lots of history, legends and stories. These elements allow it to preserve a picturesque character and a beauty that makes is a special destination in Limassol’s countryside, for those who want a taste of the traditional way of life.

Its 3 beautiful churches, with the one of Panayia tou Kampou being a point of reference for the place, its tidy square, the stone-built bridge with the 2 arches, are the main elements that testify the long history of the village. In fact, the legend has it that the area “Kampos tis Rigenas”, northwest to the village, the King and Queen during the era of the Franks on the island, had an idea for transferring water from Vasilopotamos river to the fields through a ditch. They had to desert this attempt due to the attack of Saracens, but the Queen died while they were leaving the place, so the stream was named after her.

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Information: Akapnou Community Council

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