Akapnou: The charm of a village in Limassol, with rich history!

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Akapnou is a village with a rich history of myths and legends. It maintains a charm that makes it a special destination in the Limassol countryside for those who wish to experience a taste of tradition. 

It features  beautiful churches, as well as a well-kept central square, and a stone-built bridge with 2 arches, all of which testify to the long history of the village.


In fact, legend has it that that the area 'Kampos tis Rigenas' (Valley of the Queen), northwest of the village, was where the King and Queen of the Franks had the idea to transfer water from Vasilopotamos River to the valley, with the help of a stream.

The idea was abanonded following the raid of the Saracens, though Rigena was killed shortly before fleeing the area, and the stream was thus named 'Stream of Rigena.'  According to the legend, just before she passed, the royal couple hid its treasures in the area before running away from the attacking Saracens.

Source: Akapnou Community Council