'Agios Ermogenis' Tavern: A tavern with a large garden and playground, just outside of Limassol!

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Next to the chapel of Saint Ermogenis in the Episkopi area of Limassol, in an area surrounded by trees, there is a space that is specially designed to accommodate friends and families seeking a destination for a beautiful escape that is not too far from the city.

The Agios Ermogenis tavern is surrounded by a large garden, a large part of which is covered with grass, with crisscrossing cobblestone paths and a beautiful fountain to welcome visitors. This is why the tavern is an especially good option for warmer months, which allow for a meal in the outdoor space.

Another major advantage of the outdoor area is the park featuring interesting and original toys for children of all ages. The wooden benches around the playground serve the needs of parents who wish to supervise their children, and are also idea for using the area for a party or event. The menu, featuring elements of Greek and Cypriot cuisine, as well as international flavors, can be adapted to all tastes, depending on the occasion.

The fact that the tavern is located close to the church, as well as to the archaeological site of Curium and the beach of the same name, makes it a suitable option for a varied excursion.

Contact number: 70070035