A walkway in Limassol that is straight out of a fairy tale!

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A walkway that appears to be taken straight out of a fairytale, with its paved pathway and an enticing color palette, is located east of where the ancient city of Amathus onced thrived. Today, a new settlement is making its mark in the area, enjoying the same unique view of the beautiful azure sea beyond.  

This pathway will lead you from east to west, and from the present to the past, as it whispers exciting tales to you with every step. On your one side, you will see beautiful homes with gardens and balconies gazing upon the horizon. On the other, the endless blue of the sea, offering its vast beauty and calming properties to people in the area for centuries. As you make your way across this short distance, just under 1km, you will find that time appears to stop, extending the euphoria of the moment just a little bit longer. 

The path is adorned with flowering jasmine, green shrubbery, and white and fuchsia bougainvilleas. In the background, the downward slope that leads to the sea appears golden in the summer, and a vibrant green in the winter and spring. Silence dominates this tranquil area, and all you can hear are the rustling of the leaves, the soft chirping of the birds, and the roar of the sea on days when the waters are rough. This beautiful route is proof that these hills were not chosen at random during ancient times. 


As you pass through, you can see and feel the reverence and glamor of this ancient kingdom, and you will find yourself filled with gratitude at the being able to enjoy this glory every day. Take a refreshing, morning walk, and enjoy the first flashes of daybreak. For ultimate relaxation, visit the walkway at sunset. And during the winter days, the views of the sea and sky from that location are truly breathtaking.

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