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A 'village' with doctors, nutritionists and trainers in Limassol invites you to join them!

Normally you should book an appointment, open you wallet and find the time and the way to visit a specialist, if troubled about something in your fitness routine, your own nutrition or your family’s or even if the exercise you do and whether it is actually suitable for you. But, on Saturday March 18th, the Limassol Marathon and Petrolina make everything simpler.

All you need to do is go down to the Limassol Old Port between 12 pm – 4 pm and become part of vitality, energy and enthusiasm that prevails in the first edition of the Energy Day in Sponsor's Village of the Marathon. There you will have the opportunity to deal with a variety of activities, fitness, yoga, zumba, pilates, with the guidance of experts, while for the little ones, children's sports games will be organized.

At the same time, medical experts, nutritionists and trainers who are the backbone of the Energy Day, will provide free advice on diet, physical therapy, weight and body mass measurements, pulse / blood pressure tests and blood sugar, scoliosis tests for children and adults, diabetics test, foot meter and more. By completing only 1 questionnaire, you will be able to get tips tailored to fit your needs, while you learn by detail what you did not know and what you did not realize that you could have learned.

The Petrolina Energy Day is an innovation introduced to the established institution of the Limassol Marathon and is, along with the Petrolina 10km Energy Race and the group of Petrolina in the Primetel corporate race, the contribution of the company in the event. Georgia Lefkariti, Director of Petrolina, stressed out that it is an honor for the company to be the source of energy on the way to the recognition and promotion of the site internationally through such activities.

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