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Caprice Lounge Bar: A venue for dining and drinks, loved by anyone in Limassol!

A soon as you enter, a feeling of chaste luxury takes you over, produced by the tones of white and the wooden details of the decoration in the lounge area. The light comes pure and plenty in the day time, while the soft lights in the evening make sure to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere, both in the inside area and the terrace.

Offering the services of a bar and bistro, Caprice Lounge Bar at Londa hotel becomes an ideal destination for brunch, lunch or dinner, with options from the Mediterranean cuisine, as well as healthy dishes. The menu also includes a wide range of fresh juices and delicious smoothies, tasty coffees and the signature Caprice fruit punch. Those who choose the place for drinks, with lounge music or live jazz evening, can enjoy excellent wine and cocktails, as well as the special Caprice Mai-Tai.

Caprice Lounge Bar has managed to stand out as a place for any hour of the day, for all ages and tastes, offering delightful, relaxing moments, in an environment that doesn’t exist in any other place in Cyprus. The Italian furniture of excellent quality in the lounge, will catch your eye immediately, just as the incredible fireplace will do too, while their cozy feeling is as unique as their image. These furniture were exclusively imported for the Londa hotel lounge and they cannot be found anywhere else in Cyprus.

I you wonder about the huge trunk at the entrance, you should know that it is the trunk of an old, perennial olive tree, that was brought from abroad after the tree was dead, to find its place in an environment, where the Mediterranean colors and flavors rule.

Extra tip: What may be considered a “signature view” for the venue, which you should experience at least once, is the continuous blue line created by the swimming pool, the sea and the sky, as seen from the terrace during the day time, where your eyes can wander for a long time. Of course, once you have experienced it, you will be going back for more.

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