A unique bar in the mountain region of Limassol, built around a pine tree!

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There is a unique bar located in the Limassol mountain region that is part of Cyprus’s first hotel, one that is still in operation to this day. What makes this space particularly special is its history as well as the fact that it was built around an ancient pine tree in the Platres forest.

New Helvetia is an extension of the hotel built in 1929 by Nicolas Kypriotis in Platres. His daughter, Lito, undertook its expansion and the bar area was one of the additions that helped upgrade the hotel around the 1980s. The building, of course, is surrounded by pine trees and the architect who undertook the expansion demanded that some of them be chopped down. Lito, who had grown up among the trees, made it clear that she would no longer collaborate with the architect if the trees were not preserved.

The family continues to run the hotel to this day, which is in itself a living testament to a 100 year history. Pieces of this history can be seen across the hotel, including the hotel bar, which boasts ornate, wooden furniture that was imported exclusively by grandfather Nicolas Kypriotis from Vienna.

An additional advantage of the bar today is the wonderful view one enjoys from its balcony, which also has a telescope installed for easier viewings.