Neraida: A special tavern in Limassol, serves delicious dishes right above the river!

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On Limassol’s mountain slopes, where Diarizos river forms an evergreen passage, with small waterfalls, a family tavern consists a favorite option for one to enjoy both the landscape and the flavors of traditional cuisine.

With dishes awarded by tourism organizations, such as TUI, Neraida tavern at Fini village is famous for its local, pork and onion stew, as well as the fresh trout fish, coming straight from the local fish farm, grilled on charcoals and served with a delicious, “secret”, lemon and olive oil sauce. The kitchen also makes homemade meatballs, pulses and greens form the owner’s garden, as well as traditional “koupepia” (stuffing in vine leaves) and stuffed pumpkin flowers, as well meats on the grill or the spit.

The dining area, where the dominant elements are the wood and the local stone, is decorated with a unique elevated, fireplace on a large, traditionally crafted, clay container, which can heat and light up the entire place. The light installations on the ceiling are also crafted with vine trunks, creating a unique atmosphere in the venue. Apart from the decorations, though, the beauties of the landscape are such, as to explain the name “Neraida” (fairy). Thus, the tavern is another reason for one to visit and explore the historical and picturesque Fini village.

In a small distance from the tavern, there is one of the stone-built bridges of the area, a monument of the Venetian era in Cyprus. As for the visitors of spring and summer, the songs of the nightingales will be a most pleasant surprise during their dining experience in the open area.

The tavern is open daily, noon and evening in the summer and noon in the winter.

Contact numbers: 25 421 680, 99 442 110

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