A mysterious tunnel in Troodos revealed for the first time after 43 years!

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Wet and dark, this mysterious tunnel at Limassol district, deserted since 1974, is revealed for the first time to the public, through a series of awe inspiring photos. The marks of its desolation are present, but the tunnel hosts a significant number of bats these days, which makes it a spot for research and protection by the Forestry Department.

A human construction, in the heart of Troodos mountains, which was used as a conduit in the past, has become an organic part of the life cycle of the forest. Apart from the bats, which are protected species, part of the chain in the environment of the area, and regularly counted, one also finds interesting formations of stalagmites in the tunnel, created by the concentration of minerals by the water coming in the area. 

These photos might actually be the only pictures of the tunnel coming to the surface after 43 years of desolation. They are shot by the team of Cyprus from Air, which consists of dedicated explorers. The group, in collaboration with formal services and departments of the state, has managed to map the most unusual, unknown and obscure corners of the Limassol district. This latest tour, though, has been one quite different and this shows in their photos, too.

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