Milkbar in Limassol cooks mom's Cypriot recipes for lunch!

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How many times did you wish for a home cooked meal, like the ones mom and grandma make, while being at the office, for a walk, for shopping or generally on the go? Trendy meals like sandwiches and burgers are great, after all, but sometimes you need something that feels like home.

At the heart of Limassol city, one of the modern cafés at Makarios Avenue decided to answer these… Cypriot cravings with traditional and favorite flavors that everyone is missing every so often. Apart from delicious dishes that regularly appear on the menu, Milk Bar has also added a dish of the day as a new suggestion from Cypriot cuisine.

So, if you happen to crave green beans with meat stew, black eyed beans and stuffed pumpkin flowers at the city center, you will not have to look that hard. The best part is, that this package is completed by the modern feel of the Milk Bar area, as well as the option to enjoy quality coffee and mouthwatering desserts, right after lunch.

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