A magical landscape, hiding within the dense forest on Troodos mountains!

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Just 5 minutes from Troodos Square, heading towards Amiandos, there is a rare landscape hidden just to your right that is certainly worth visiting. In order to truly experience the uniqueness of this image and rejoice in the amazing atmosphere it creates.

This beautiful valley is a valuable habitat, where small bushes flourish. It is an area with plenty of water, which floods into small puddles during the winter, which preserves the humidity on the ground even during the summer months. This location, which can be reached both through ‘Almirolivado’ picnic site and ‘Livadi tou Pasha’ picnic site, now has a thick layer of peat on the ground, a product of the shedding bushes found in the area. The peat is an important coating, which can be used to produce energy in large amounts, and is also a natural fertilizer.

The beautiful image created within this habitat of bushes of green and golden ‘waves,’ almost feels like a different kind of sea, one which is made of grass. This is certainly an additional advantage of this small treasure hidden in the Troodos forest. The area is included in the European network of protected areas "Natura 2000".

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