A little, green Eden awaits for you in Limassol!

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When you see it from the street you cannot imagine what kinds of feeling it may generate, when walking through this green landscape. Yialitsis river has worked some miracles down there that you owe yourself to experience.

The paved path will lead you off the main road of Kato Platres village, to the bank of the river, passing underneath the dense leaves of the trees that fully shade the place, even in the summer time. The scents are mesmerizing, but the best part comes once you turn left, towards the bridge.

There you come across the entrance to this little Eden, a green hug with cherry trees, walnut trees and plane trees. It is not a dream, but a reality taken from a magic story with fairies. Thus, the next time you make a stop for coffee, food or shopping at Kato Platres, do not miss out on spending some moments in this small treasure of nature.

Extra tip: Kato Platres are barely a half hour away from Limassol and it is an ideal destination for coffee at the traditional coffee shops or the cozy taverns, after you have visited the green path (but do not hurry out of this walk, stop, breathe deeply and let yourself into the serenity of the place). 

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