A Limassol's monastery turned into a hotel for 40 years in order to survive

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Since 1915 to the beginning of the 1950s, for about 4 decades, this ancient monastery of the 11th – 12th century had already adopted a new profile. This evolution, which saved the monastery from abandonment and desolation for a long time, eventually turned it into a favorite destination for those seeking out for a relaxing refuge in this idyllic environment.

The change at Prodromos monastery in Mesa Potamos begun around 1914, when the Bishop of Kiti, Meletios Metaksakis, set the foundation stone for the construction of the monastery guest house. This decision was taken in order to save the monastery from desolation, after being left without monks for a very long time. The guest house was built after a design of Z. Vondas from Alexandreia and it is the same building utilized as a guest house until now, after its renovation in 2002.

The guesthouse was built with personal expenses by Metaxakis. His successor, Nikodemos Mylonas, also used it as a hotel accommodation unit. The dense forest and plenty of water in the area, along with the serenity of the landscape, turned the guest house into a favorite vacation destination for people from Cyprus and abroad. When the monastery stopped working as a hotel, it was left abandoned once again for around 50 years.

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