A green tower with a 240 sq. m. solar panel system, designed in Limassol!

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To adopt measures for energy efficiency through alternative energy sources is becoming more and more a main concern for the new large developments designed in Limassol. In particular, a complex of high-rise developments designed by the PPA Architects firm in Limassol, aims to host a solar panel system, able to cover a significant part of the energy demands of the building, while other measures are also incorporated in the design.

This is a development by the name Total Towers, which will host solar panels on an area of 240 square meters. This system will be able to generate 30 kW per hour, which totals to 240 kW per day. This measure aims to make a good use out of the surfaces of the building, in order to diminish the energy needs of the development, targeting towards the same direction as the laws of the EU for eliminating the pollution and facing the problem of the exhaustion of fossil fuels.

The use of bioclimatic features is incorporated in the design of large developments, in order to contribute to the protection of the environment. In fact, this exact development has been designed with features and materials that qualify it as a Grade A Green tower with maximum energy efficiency. This means that it can a 40% reduction in energy consumption for air conditioning, a 40% reduction in energy consumption for heating and a 75% reduction in energy consumption for hot water. The tower is capped by a fully glazed cut crystal structure with LED light fixtures, which will illuminate this feature by night creating a powerful visual reference point along the Limassol coast.

The project is still on its very primary stages, but it is nevertheless an ominous sign of what future constructions may look like.

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