A club in Limassol has been established among the top entertainment venues in the world, from Ibiza to Berlin!

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It has gained a loyal following of thousands of fans around the world, all of whom descend upon Limassol in the summer just to visit this unique beach bar. The peoples' love for Guaba Beach Bar has been proven year after year, as they keep voting for it as one of the best clubs around the world. And so, in 2019 it reached the 18th spot on the list by Dj Mag.

After reaching the magazine's 29th spot in 2015, it kept climbing upwards, until it was finally included in the top 20 in 2017, where it has remained since. It is thus a top entertainment option, with its place of honor among great clubs from the USA, the UK, Germany and Ibiza.

Guaba’s story began in 2006 as a humble beachside kiosk in the Agios Tychon area, which grew to become a venue with a capacity of 3,000 people just 13 years later. It is full of crowds 7 days a week, from early in the morning, until after midnight. In a space that is splashed with colorful graffiti and decor reminiscent of the world's wildest tropical jungle, Guaba’s thousands of fans have found an entertainment destination that feels like home, where they can dance along to the beats of top music producers from around the world.