7th Economic Forum on October 2016 in Limassol

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Commitment to European values, promotion of solidarity between EU Member States and persistence on economic reform were proclaimed by leading figures of the political and business world at the 7th Economic Forum in Limassol on October 21st.

With crucial and accurate analysis, the EU officials, internationally renowned economists, analysts and well-known journalists discussed the challenges that the EU has to confront. In their interventions, among others, the Minister of Finance, Harris Georgiades, the President of Democratic Rallly, Averof Neophytou, former Prime Minister of Ireland, John Bruton, the New Democracy MP, Nikos Dendias, and the MP of the Popular Party of Spain, Pablo Casado Blanco, sealed a successful 7th year of a highly successful institution.

With the belief that Europe will overcome the economic and political pitfalls ahead, the 7th Economic Forum was concluded in Four Seasons hotel, which hosted the event, with a coctail that allowed for further discussion in a more relaxed atmosphere.

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