50 years for the Limassol company with developments in more than 87.620 sq.m.

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The construction industry in Limassol has grown wings and keeps rising, pulling along with it the economy of Limassol, and the entire Cyprus. The impressive performance of 2016 can only confirm this picture. Through Limassol passes for months now the air of optimism for the Cypriot economy. The province has hit one record after another in property sales throughout the year, finishing in the lead of the best annual performance since 2008. In addition to the large and important development projects that make Limassol stand out, the contribution of dozens of companies who managed with great tenacity to survive the financial crisis and continue to contribute to the local economy, is also essential.

Garpozis Developments & Constructions, a company, which has connected its name with the construction sector in Limassol, celebrated its 50th anniversary, setting even higher targets for the future. Half a century of life and action translates into more than 400 contracts for sales of homes, offices and commercial buildings, more than 87.620 sq.m. life and life relationships that have been created between the company, staff and customers.

"The sector of the construction industry in Limassol follows a steady upward trend, with the exception of the years 2012 — 2015," said Maria Garpozis, director of the company. Having followed the city to its ups and downs, the company now only moves forward and higher. The austerity in the construction sector was a lesson well learned and among the company's goals is to shield, as Maria Garpozis particularly mentioned, the future of the local economy.

In this goal, the company has managed to find very important allies. Through the course of 50 years the executives have managed to create mutual respect and harmonious cooperation bonds with employees and customers. After building solid human relations, Garpozis Developments & Constructions seems to have made, with the people that surround it, perhaps the best investment for further growth and development.

"The greatest thrill in the job is to deliver the keys of the house in the hands of those who have always dreamed it," Maria admits. The company counts among its most important projects, the building of the Church of St. George on the coastal avenue of Limassol and the conversion of the former Essex hotel, also in the coastal avenue of Limassol, into luxury apartments. Continuing on the same direction, as set back in 1967, with faith in the potential and the prospects of Limassol, the company looks with optimism into 2017, already preparing 30 houses, 10 apartment buildings and many other commercial developments. The company celebrated this optimistic perspective on the occasion of its 50 years anniversary, in a moving atmosphere, in the presence of friends and associates who have contributed to its achievements so far.

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