4873: A special space in the Limassol mountains for brunch with impressive views!

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Dymes is a small village with a beautiful landscape, located on the green slopes of Pitsillia in the Limassol mountains. The unique beauty of the area can be enjoyed from a warm space with a wonderful view, offering delicious dishes and beverages.

4873 is a special hangout located within the preserved building of the village Youth Center. The stone building, with views of the surrounding slopes, offers a welcoming space with traditional elements and a myriad of colors, where one can enjoy coffee, juices and light meals.

The relaxing atmosphere of this space, which is breezy in the summer and warmed by the wood burning stove in the winter, is yet another reason for a trip to the village of Dymes. Its dishes, which are also available for brunch on Sundays, from morning to the afternoon, include imaginative dining options made using seasonal ingredients, traditional pies and local charcuterie. 4873 is also open on Friday and Saturday afternoons for coffee.

Contact number: 99 984088