4711 Limassol: The new entertainment destination in Limassol with elements of Athens and Mykonos!

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Nightlife in Limassol is characterized by its variety and its pulsating energy. Adding to this variety is a new venue, which has come to enrich the city’s nightlife offering, just a few meters from the Amathounta sea, offering a live clubbing concept to the public, with elements of Athens and Mykonos.

This unique destination, 4711 Limassol, is set to impress before you even enter the venue, thanks to its distinctive pyramid-shaped entrance. Decorated with mirrors and hues of black and gold, the entire space exudes an aura of luxury. The stage is located right in the center, surrounded by circular sofas and small tables for groups of friends to enjoy nights out with live music.

Beyond the seating area, visitors will also find 2 bars and tables around the center. In this way, the venue has ample space to accommodate a total of 400-500 people. Making a strong debut in the summer 2019 season, this venue brings to Cyprus the 4711 live clubbing concept from Mykonos and Athens, with a dynamic band offering a great show of Greek hits on stage.

The space, introduced by the Breeze entertainment group, is also home to Theama Venue, an area that is available for events of 400-1000 people.

Address: 138, Amathountos Avenue (former Dolce Club)
Contact number: 70 005868

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