30+ fairytale images from Limassol's known and unknown bridges!

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One of the best ways to explore the beauty of Limassol, is to look for those locations that can give you amazing pictures. Thus, dozens of photographers rolled their sleeves up to discover the most charming, oldest and unknown bridges in the Limassol district.

Naturally, the result is utterly impressive, since each photographer, choosing their own point of view, time and season, has managed to capture a different image of Limassol bridges. Small or big, wooden or metal, old or new, the bridges in the city and the countryside, are undoubtedly, unique sights.

A collection of dozens of images from this bridges came up after a call of the online, photo group “Landscapes of Cyprus”. Thus, for an entire week, the bridges became the leading images, through images that revealed the rare beauty of these known and unknown bridges in Limassol.

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