3 enormous natural monuments make Limassol proud!

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There are 2 rivers crossing through the village: Yiallitsis is passing through its center, nurturing the greens in the banks around which the houses are built, while Hapotami follows a course that is circling around the village.

This results for Kato Platres to enjoy some wonderful, green corners, breezy in the summer and colorful in the grey days of the winter. Green colors are the ultimate element along the main road passing from the village, from and towards Limassol – Platres.  And this is actually the place where you need to have a stop, no matter your destination.

Right next to the traditional coffee shops in Platres, there are now 3 enormous, perennial oak trees, steadily standing on their huge trunks, creating rich shadow under their leaves. The size of the trunk, which could not even be circled by 3 grown men with their arms open, and the carpet of moss on it, are proof of the their antiquity.

These 3 oaks are true natural monuments, pride for the locals and part of the memories created by one generation after another in the village. The most important part, though, is the fact that right next to these oak, young trees are growing, continuously spreading this green colony.

So, you are advised to sit and enjoy some traditional coffee, allowing yourself to gaze for a few minutes and think about bow these majestic, green giants have been watching and protecting the place and its people for centuries now.

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