2GO: An alternative, casual bar, with a view to the fishing boats at the Old Port!

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 Sometimes all you need is to lay back with a chilled drink, an ice-cold beer or a great coffee, enjoying the view, in a relaxing atmosphere, without experiencing the trouble of dressing up for making a reservation in advance etc. An alternative, casual bar at the Limassol Old Port, seems to be the answer in this exact wish – which, truth be told, is something everyone has had at least once.

It is a bar created based on the test and the love of tis owners for quality and design, being the extension of a place, which aimed to bring to Limassol surprising and unusual options. With modern, wooden stools, leather, tall seats and a menu with amazing cocktails and drought beer, 2GO Bar turns out to be a great option for those who prioritize delight, good company and idyllic location, when they are supposed to choose a place to go out for drinks.

Cocktails lovers have a large range to choose from, with interesting options of Margarita Fragola, Campari soda, Hakuma gin, Daiquiri passion, Aperol spritz and Porn Star Martini. Ice cold beer is always a must, too, especially in the summer. Creating a place perfect for drinks, 2GO Concept Store, apart from a spot for quick meals and coffee and even some original, useful items with imaginative and modern design, has managed to become a bar that can be people’s alternative destination by the sea.

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