20+ stunning images of the unique ultimate red on Limassol January sky!

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The stunning sunset of January 10th in Limassol could not leave anyone indifferent. This is what the numerous pictures posted online show, while the image of the ultimate red color of the sky above the city a few minutes after 5 pm was a topic o discussion for several people on the evening of that same night.

Of course, the sunset was definitely worth all the attention, since it is not exactly a typical sight. Limassol's location is such as to enjoy amazing views during the sunset, since the lights reaches the area in an angle that creates all kinds of shades, glares and colors in the sky.

But, around the mid-January, Limassol experiences some of the most unique sunsets, due to the time when the sun begins to set (as the day becomes significantly longer), due to the weather, which is usually slightly cloudy at this time of the year, and the clear atmosphere in the winter. Thus, the red color is not exactly a common one. Check out the photos below to see for yourself. 

Check out here the utterly impressive image of the sunset same time in 2017.


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