20 + 1 magical images from the snowy New Year's Day on Troodos!

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With a fairy-tale winter setting, Troodos mountains welcomed 2018. Even though the snow did not come early, the year changed in a wonderful scenery, with the slopes all dressed in white.

From Troodos Square, to the highest peak of the mountain, Olympus, the snow was plenty, since the weather was much colder these last few days of 2017. Many chose to spend the holidays of the New Year on the mountains, so they enjoyed walks in the snow, games and unique views.

The thick snow clouds covered Olympus and, at times, even the square, creating a unique mystique atmosphere during the last hours of 2017, while 2018 dawned with a shinning sun, brightening the snow even more. Have a taste of this magical images, in the 21 pictures below:

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