2 spectacular parties in Limassol are set to close the summer season!

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With 2 great parties, which feature top names of the international and Greek music scene, Limassol is set to officiall leave the summer season behind. In 2 of the most popular summer venues in the city, the last Sunday of September will be filled with amazing moments, as a closure to the summer of 2018.

Both Guaba Beach Bar and  Breeze Summer Club, which set the entertainment of Limassol on fire every summer and attract enthusiastic guests from all over Cyprus and abroad, are getting ready for a last great spree by the sea. On 30/9 the tourist area will be dancing with music options for any taste.

Guaba Beach Bar is getting ready for its closing party, with favorite artists of the electronic and house music scene. The top names of the part, The Cube Guys and the explosive Nervo, will be on the decks for the peak of the evening.


Breeze Summer Club brings a great performance at the end of the season, which can only indicate an even more amazing new summer season in 2019. Giorgos Mazonakis and Michalis Kouinelis will be together on stage for a whole new show with favorite songs.