11 taverns with fireplaces in Limassol for winter delights in the city!

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Taverns are a special option for going out in the city, since they combine beloved traditional flavors, a cozy atmosphere and delicious meze dishes. These 15 taverns welcome you with lit fireplaces and wood stoves that create warm corners within their dining areas that are perfect for winter. 

In this way, Limassol remains true to its reputation for offering fun and good food in beautiful spaces, even during the coldest winter days. Each option is special in its own way, offering unique elements and dishes to satisfy every taste.

Both traditional or slightly more modern, these 7 taverns in the city come highly recommended and invite you to enjoy unforgettable dining experiences with your friends and family.

1. Salomi (Agios Tychon)

In an impressive space featuring a big yard, 'Salomi Tavern' serves Cypriot and Greek dishes made from family recipes. You will be impressed by the decor featuring traditional elements, the impressive floor, as well as the quiet location. The tavern boasts a fireplace in its interior and hosts live music every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, for an even more enjoyable time.

Address: 1 Kyriakou Matsi Street, Agios Tichonas
Contact number: 25 332 880

2. Kapilio (Agios Tychon)

Located just 5 minutes from Limassol, in an area far from the traffic and intensity of the city, this traditional tavern welcomes its guests with a menu that will satisfy both those who prefer traditional meze dishes, and those who would rather go for their own filling main dish.

Address: Agios Tychon (next to the central village church)
Contact number: 99 556084

3. Koursaros (Parekklisia)

Among the few dining options that focus exclusively on fresh fish and seafood, with a large variety of recipes and combinations, this tavern is located in Parekklisia village. Besides the amazing fish, which can be fried or grilled, make sure you don't miss out on the fresh mussels, the crayfish, the delicious lobster pasta or the seafood saganaki.

Address: 1 Kyriakou Matsi Street
Contact number: 99 638367

4. Skourovinnos

Traditional meze and unique delicacies made with special mastery and passion, combined with a distinct interior decor that perfectly befits the character of this tavern, 'Skrourovinnos' offers a unique tasting experience every evening. The area is ideal for cold winter nights, as the fire from the fireplace and the stonebuilt building are sure to keep you cozy and warm. You will find the tavern in the Agios Athanasios district, behind the small village church.

Address: Feidia & Polixenis Diamanti
Contact number: 25 720 692

5. Mbaxes

'Mbaxes' is a new venue in the city, offering tasty dishes in a traditional atmosphere. The stonebuilt construction offers 1 wood stove and 1 fireplace in 2 different rooms thus allowing you to remain warm wherever you happen to be seated. The tavern stands out for its authentic recipes and fresh ingredients from local producers, as well as for its own wine, available by bottle. Every Friday and Saturday, your night out is accompanied by live music.

Address: 1st April Street, Agia Fila
Contact number: 25 771001

6. Forsos

An evening excursionup the hill of the Mouttagiaka area, which leads to 'Forsos Tavern', will reward you in the best way by filling your night with authentic aromas and flavors. The tavern has kept its fine quality and friendly service unaltered for many years, offering complete customer satisfaction every time, with seasonanal meze dishes for every taste.

Address: Agiou Eleftheriou Street
Contact number: 25 329 490

7. Yalousa (Mouttayaka)

'Yialousa' tavern is a beautiful, family tavern offering Cypriot home cooking, which welcomes its guests under the green pergolas that shade the yard during the summer months. A place suitable for parties and events, it can also be an everyday option for dining out.

Address: 1 Archangelou Michael
Contact number: 25 323000

8. Aristotelous Arcade in Fasoula

In the center of the village, a picturesque arcade has become a beloved destination for dining and entertainment. Featuring traditional dishes, homemade recipes (from their own sausages to ‘palouze’ and even jams) this tavern always offers delicious, seasonal delicacies, such as grilled mushrooms, as well as great live music to accompany its guests’ culinary experience.

Address: 2 Aristotelous Street
Contact number: 99 956478

9. Shambelos (Polemidia)

Preserving the elements of genuine Cypriot hospitality and cuisine, this tavern has turned into one of peoples’ most beloved options for evenings accompanied by traditional flavors and home recipes. The familiar atmosphere, a result of the family collaboration of the 5 brothers running the tavern, is one of the main elements that make it stand out.

Address: 1 Yalousa Street
Contact number: 99 525298

10. Eparhiaki (Yermasoyia)

'Eparhiaki' creates a wonderful setting where you can find everything you need, from the flavors, to the decor and the live music. The fireplace warms the entire space which is housed in a building completely made of stone, with a traditional yard and a spectacular view. The tavern offers delicious meze dishes from Cypriot and Greek cuisine, satisfying even the most demanding customers.

Address: 27 Agias Paraskevis Street
Contact number: 7007 4444

11. Oineas

A landmark in Heroes’ Square, this tavern is a beloved option for any season and for anyone who wishes to enjoy a traditional meze accompanied by live music. During the winter, the fireplace creates a warm atmosphere within the dining area.

Address: Heroes' Square
Contact number: 96 402323