12 black and white pictures from the unrecognizable Limassol’s seafront!

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The sea is Limassol’s mother. Without it, without its beauties, its air, its wealth and the people it brings along, the city would not be the same. In fact, it may not even have been here at all.

The British had decided that Limassol should be a port and, thus, it did. Since the early 20th century, up until now, the city keeps changing and evolving accordingly to the changes and the progress at the seafront. Looking back at the past decades of the area of the Old Port (the only port back then) and the seaside road, one can see that the city has come a long way.

In the areas where mostly sailors, carriers and merchants were found, in the area where most buildings would house companies related to trade and port services, in the area where merely humble coffee shops were found, with plain, wooden chairs in the streets or the sidewalks, there one finds today one of the most popular places for walks and recreation.

In these 12 black and white photos, the well-known sea side road of Limassol is showcased so differently in comparison to what we now know, that most times it is not even possible to believe that this is actually the same place.

Photos: Limassol Historical Archives, Lemesou Mnimes, Limassol Municipality

* NOTE: The tributes of the Project "History of Limassol" present information that has emerged from historical research thus far. Any new data is embedded into the tributes, once it has been confirmed.

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