​The monastery of the Holy Cross preserves its history since the 14th century

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Tradition and Customs

The monastery of the Holy Cross in the enchanting village of Anoyyra, it’s dated back in the Middle ages, in the 14the century. The inhabitants of the village have the honor to feel proud of the monastery, as it has survived in the area, for many centuries now, and also because it brings with it an old legend of the medieval period that keeps alive, the images and the traditions of that era.

According to the myth, under the monastery there is an underground tunnel with hidden treasures, which were placed by the monks who used to live inside the monastery. Thus, it’s believed that there are hidden objects in the tunnel, such as golden spoons, with which the monks used to eat, as well as the golden utensils on which they used to place their breads.

Today, only the ruins of the monastery are preserved, and the temple that was later built is one-aisled, with arched ceilings and a tall dome. Still, some remains of wall paintings dating from the 15th century are preserved inside the temple, which are believed to be works by painters from Constantinople, which were brought to Cyprus after the Turks captured the City.

There is no doubt that the temple is a remarkable and unique building, both historically and archaeologically. Maintaining its historical substance and the tradition that holds it, the monastery gives its inhabitants every reason to honor it and preserve it. Thus, every year, on August 1st, a special feast is set up in its yard. 

Photographs: Community of Anoyira, Big Cyprus

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