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Today, the time starts its own countdown and the best is yet to come!

When in 2012 the UN decided that March 20th will be celebrated as the International Happiness Day, they may have or did not may have in regard the views we enjoy in Limassol. It is certain, however, that this exact fact is reason enough for one to be happy. The reasons on March 20th 2017 are doubled since at 12:29 we officially enter the spring time.

This means that as of this day for the first time in months, the day time will be longer than night time. It is even more important, though, the fact that the day time will grow daily in 1 - 2 minutes daily, marching resolutely towards summer. Thus, although until March 16th there was snow falling on Troodos, winter is finally past. The snow begins to melt down and the temperature begins to rise, both on the mountains and the coast.

The UN declaration on International Happiness Day noted that "the pursuit of happiness is a basic human purpose" and recognizes “the need for more equitable and balanced development that will combat poverty and contribute to the happiness and prosperity of all nations". Even though there is a lot work to be done in this area yet, to live in a paradise where at north you see green fields with slopes on the background, while in the south stretches the deep blue sea, things look a little more easily.

Photos: Giorgos Petrides, Ferenc Isatu 

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