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This is how Spyros Demetriades sees the old Limassol streets

“Old Streets embraced by the Present” is the theme of the artist Spyros Demetriades’ brand new watercolours and oils. The streets of a city full of life, movement and creation are found on Spyros Demetriades canvas. The audience will have the opportunity to enjoy this colourful artwork in the heart of Limassol city.

The artist, a genuine lover of the city that brought him up, says it loud and clear:

“I constantly return to the same streets. These same streets that have changed so much; just like we have changed. I see youngsters, having no future as accountants, lawyers and doctors, thousands in line in the ministry’s lists for designation in governmental positions, imagining their future while drinking a coffee, or a fruit cocktail. Designing collaborations, breaking the structures of standardised professions, having different kinds of dreams. But there comes the time when they wake up by awful nightmares, nightmares that we, the elders, have bequeathed to them. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that something new is coming… I create new pieces in old streets, deriving strength from all my memories and all the new experiences that I collect while I associate with the younger generation. I derive strength so that I can artistically interpret the City’s new infrastructure that is being reborn with new, unidentifiable perspectives, my City, which I visualise as becoming even more beautiful, like all of us do. In order for that to happen, we need to respect each other. The youngsters need to respect the old, the elders need to respect the youth, the guests and the foreign businessmen need to respect our history and traditions, and most importantly, we all need to respect Cyprus and Limassol!”

At the exhibition a collection of rare pieces in Giclée prints will also be presented.

The exhibition will be open from Friday, 11/11/2016 to Friday, 18/11/2016

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Mr Stathis Papadakis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CUT

For details about the opening day visit the agenda of All About Limassol.

The artist’s biography

Spyros Chr. Demetriades was born in Limassol in 1950. He got his Diploma in Academic Painting with a specialisation in Animation, (Academy of Applied Arts, VŠUP, Prague, 1971-77). He organised 26 solo exhibitions, amongst them the exhibition and presentation of the album "Limassol My Love" ("ZYGOS" Athens, 1982). He participated in group exhibitions through the Ministry of Education and E.KA.TE, and through personal invitations from abroad. He specialised in Computer Animation (England, 1992-93). He has created advertising and educational cartoons, and has also illustrated various books. He created stage designs for the theatre and designed Cypriot commemorative coins. He was active in the Chamber of Fine Arts (E.KA.TE, 2003-04) during the periods of 1986-89 and 2003-06.

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