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PHOTOS: How the Old Port began to resemble to Aristotelous Square!

To set the record straight from the beginning: no, I do not say that the Old Port IS the Aristotelous Square of Limassol. This could only be said by someone who has not experienced the famous square of Thessaloniki, and we have actually trashed many couples of all-stars going back and forth in Aristotelous Square. But when you love something so much, inevitably you are excited to see a new place, far away from that one, beginning to somewhat remind you the beautiful moments that it has offered you.

What is it, then, that we loved in Aristotelous Square, after we happened to visit it 2 - 3 times, but especially if we had the fortune to experience it in the mornings after going out at Ladadika, in large Christmas and Carnival celebrations, in spring walks with ice creams and relaxing coffee moments in the sun? We loved the openness and the opportunity that it gives you to breathe air while staying close to what you'll need for your walk (food, drink, etc.). We loved the permanent presence of young parents with their children running from one end to the other, without necessary annoying you, since the space is enough for everyone. We loved the large outdoor party nights with music and dancing, the chances for the entire city to get together. We loved the sea view and the breeze, being a relief when the heat would start getting stronger, and especially the fact that strolling along the beach front is the natural continuation of this square.

Those who miss it and feel their heart pounding louder when remembering this, cannot ignore the fact that, lately, the Old Port brings a little something from all of these. Closing approximately 1 year of life, this new seaside town square has hosted thousands of people in times of relaxation and enjoyment, it has been captured in thousands of photos of impressed visitors and has become an ideal place for fun and crazy parties for all ages, at all hours of the day.

Aristotelous Square is 1, Thessaloniki has it and there will never be another, but for those who enjoy the life and the joys of Limassol, the Old Port certainly has all the makings to provide something of the magic that made that square stand out. And these latest 2-day events of the Limassol Marathon with the vitality all around from early on Saturday, until late on Sunday in the company of Guaba, sure offered a taste of all it has to give.

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