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The sunken village, a few miles away from Limassol, is always a surprise!

At around 12 kilometers from Limassol, on the way to Platres, you will cross over Kouris dam. Apart from the endless blues of this large, artificial lake, what makes worth a look on the northern side of the dam is the deserted Alassa village, which had to move around the mid-1980s, due to the construction of the dam.

Now, there is nothing else around there to remind the existence of a village, around 3 decades ago, apart from the ruins of Agios Nikolaos church. The slightest marks of that era, such as the unique decoration on the belfry which is panted in bright colors, are signs of the special character of that village. Still, even now, the deserted village sure hold some surprises.

From year to year and from season to season, the view changes, as the dam may happen to be slightly full, completely full or even overflowing (a fact that makes people in Limassol super-excited). When the dam overflows, the belfry of Agios Nikolaos church stands proud over the water, presenting a rather special - and quite mysterious, too – image. Other times, when the water is drawn back, you can even walk around the ruins.

Kouris dam, which provides water supplies to Limassol, as well as other areas in Cyprus during a drought, is the largest dam on the island, which proved to be quite valuable for any living creature on it.

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