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The Land of dreams

In the evergreen and fruitful lands of Trimiklini village, less than a half hour from the Limassol city, an alternative destination for nature lovers ans food and fresh fruit enthusiasts, warmly welcomes its guests. It is the only fishery on the island, with its own fruit garden and the only breed of sturgeons in Cyprus, the eggs of which produce a most expensive caviar.

The Land of Dreams welcomes its guests in an earthly Eden, where you are invited to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer: fish from the lake, fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden, fresh air and the coolness of the forest. Andreas Christofi, who studied in Russia, in the fields of agronomy, oenology and economics, returning to Cyprus sought to build in Trimiklini his own land of dreams, managing to innovate and excel.

Giving emphasis on aquaculture and particularly the reproduction of sturgeon, Andreas managed to have in the Land of Dreams the Cypriot edition of the famous sturgeon caviar, one of the most expensive and sought after in the world. The caviar is produced and packed therein and it is also consumed in the same place. The Russian sturgeon needs several years to mature, to be able for someone to extract the caviar. Currently the quantities produced are relatively small, but in the future, caviar exports are a possibility.

At the same time, however, the Land of Dreams is an active and lively space in nature. Your meal, whether it is fruits and vegetables or fish, will be picked out and collected by hand. Thus, apart from exceptional quality and freshness, the food is something you experience throughout the preparation process. The site also has a few wooden houses with Russian sauna for those who choose to stay overnight. For receiving the best possible reception, visitors will have to contact 99 515 497.

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