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Melanda Beach

South to Avdimou village, at a distance less than 4 km, just 20 minutes west to Limassol, there is a beautiful bay, which has become a favorite hangout place for everyone. Families, groups of young people, good food lovers, people crazy with camping and water sports, the ones looking for quiet and relaxing times, and the ones excited about discovering historical corners of the island, have reasons to choose this beach.

It is a bay around 1 kilometer long, surrounded by high, white cliffs, with sand and colorful pebbles. In the middle of this bay, the estuaries of the Avdimou river are found. The village has grown a farming economy, which has left its mark to the beach, since the nearby lands have various plantations, while some times, visitors may encounter animal herds.  

The historical aspect of the beach revolves around 2 deserted buildings, which complement the scenery and bring up the elements of the financial and religious past of this area. Apart from these 2 buildings, the beach also has 2 restaurants, which serve Mediterranean cuisine, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas facilities.

The beach has many different images, according to the season, since the large piece of land right next to the coast is covered with either dry hay, with its golden colors under the sun, or with fresh, green grass and spring wild flowers.

These past few years, the popularity of the beach has grown among the water sport enthusiasts, taking advantage of the auspicious winds in the area, to practice kitesurfing, SUP and windsurfing. Some choose to camp at the beach, in order to enjoy their favorite activities to the maximum, as well as the beauty of the beach at sunrise and sunset. After all, there are those who choose these hours to practice yoga on the beach.


Melanda Beach Restaurant (contact number: 99 565 336)
Kyrenia Beach Restaurant (contact number: 99 679 451)

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Griffes Kiteflex (contact number: 99 618 448)

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