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KONTOR 202 | Atelier & Lifestyle Lounge

57, Irinis street
25257500, 99888357

KONTOR 202 | Atelier & Lifestyle Lounge

57, Irinis street
25257500, 99888357

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At the picturesque Irenes street, at the Limassol old town, L’ Atelier Kontor 202 brings to its visitors items carefully selected one by one by its owners. Niche organic skincare products for ladies, men and children, interior design items, smart gadgets, decorative products and ideas for unique gifts are among the items you will find on its shelves, in a space with detailed design. Infinity roses, in special, colorful and tasteful arrangements, which can decorate your rooms for up to 2 years without wearing off, are among the most special pieces you will find there.

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Chloe Flowerbox -X- Joulietta Chocolatier & Patissier

Irresistible Temptation – A Perfectly Paired Combination

A contemporary, luxury Chloe Flowerbox paired with a hollow edible Chocolate Heart filled with Deluxe Ganache Truffles, all hand made.

This is our new collaboration with Joulietta Chocolatier & Patissier from Paphos, Cyprus just in time for Valentine’s Day. 
Two products that harmonise in luxury and that compliment each other to deliver the “WOW” to any recipient. 
An unforgettable gift with 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
The Chloe Flowerbox is available in five sizes; Petite, Midi, Grande, Luxe and Premium in either white, black or pink (for the Midi size only) with a choice of Classic Red, Royal Red or Burgundy Infinity Roses for Valentine’s Day. The full palette of rose colours is of course available too. Infinity Roses are real roses preserved to last up to three years. Our Infinity Roses have the most natural appearance on the market thanks to their innovative preservation process. They are an absolute eye-sight and will make your heart bounce reminding you of the special moments in life for many years. 
Joulietta’s Valentine’s Heart Collection is available in either Petite or Grande with a choice of three different colours; Scarlet Red, Pink Marble or Gold Swirl. All chocolate hearts are filled with either Pink Champagne or Strawberry Balsamic Pearl Ganache Truffles or both in the Grande Heart. 


Joulietta’s Valentine Hearts are made with finest Belgian 54% dark chocolate with a hint of vanilla and a thin layer of cocoa butter, hand painted. The Pink Champagne Ganache Truffle is made with single origin white Belgain chocolate & pink champagne blended into a silky smooth ganache, rolled in cocoa powder for that extra luxury sensation. For an extra fruity flavour choose the Strawberry & Balsamic Pearl Ganache Truffle which is made with a single origin white Belgain chocolate & strawberry puree blended into a silky smooth ganache with balsamic pearls bursting through, rolled in dried strawberries. 


Place your pre-orders until 09.02.2018 to ensure availability. To enjoy the chocolates at their best, the chocolate hearts can only be picked up at our store. For special deliveries within Limassol we kindly ask you to contact us directly. 


Joulietta’s Valentine’s Hearts are exclusively available at KONTOR 202 for the Limassol Region. 


You can also find our Chloe Flowerboxes at Joulietta’s in Paphos; 16A Alexandrou Ipsilandi, 8020 Paphos. 


Prices start from EUR 17.90 for a Chocolate Heart and EUR 32 for a Chloe Flowerbox.

Pre-Order Now.

With blooming regards,


Team KONTOR 202

How to Stock a Home Bar

A properly stocked bar is a must if you enjoy entertaining.
A well mixed drink can help schmooze a boss, romance a date and impress a friend. 
Now, if you think starting a home bar sounds like a daunting task, you're wrong. 

Read The Home Bar Rules:

Home Bar Rule #1:

Pick alcohol you actually enjoy imbibing!

A home bar's main customer is YOU. Although you might feel you need to impress your guests you will end up spending a fortune. One of the reason's for a home bar is actually to share your personal tastes and creations with your family and friends. So why not build on that.
What you stock in your bar and and why you stock it also makes great chat.

Home Bar Rule #2:

Start Small. 

You want to enjoy the art of mixology and the presence of your guests, not get stressed with creating extravagant cocktails you have never made before only to find out you're missing half the ingredients anyways. 

Mail your guests a week in advance to find out their favourites, create a list of the most common combinations and stock up on those. Simple as that. 

Use the week to experiment and practice ;) hiccup

Home Bar Rule #3:

Get the right tools.

You will definitely need the proper tools for your apothecary of invigorating elixirs.
Apart from appropriate glass ware, the following should not go amiss and is sure to make your life easier and keep your guests happy:

Bar spoon
Cocktail shaker
Bottle opener

A starter kit would be the easiest choice ;)

Home Bar Rule #4: 

A good Mixologist Recipe Book.

If you're new to the world of mixing ultimate cocktails or haven't been collecting your favourites recipes over the last  years you'll need to get yourself a good book. We've found an excellent list from The Independent, if you "fancy yourself a bit of a mixologist but can't whip up more than a G&T..."

Home Bar Rule #5: 

A collection of appropriate cocktail sipping music.

Tune in here for some "Blue Christmas" on Spotify.


Christmas is only 11 days away - have you got all your gifts together yet?

We look forward to seeing from you. 


Team KONTOR 202

Shaving Care - Products for all skin types 

Have you found out yet - soap or cream?
Or do you use shaving soap at home and cream when travelling?

ÜHLE Skin Care was developed as a treat before and after shaving. For individual skin types and fragrance preferences.The exclusive recipes stem primarily from raw plant materials, processed in harmony with nature and the environment and gently extracted.

The pleasantly delicate fragrance nuances sandalwood, aloe vera and sea buckthorn are developed from essential oils - to be your unrivalled, favourite eau de toilette.


Smooth texture - nurturing result

Shaving creams have a somewhat lighter consistency and the tubes are extremely practical when travelling. Even small amounts produce an abundant, dense lather. Beeswax and dense glycerine nurture the skin, the recipe contains no preservatives. 

Sea buckthorn is suitable for all skin types, aloe vera pampers sensitive skin, sandalwood is pre-destined for normal to dry skin types. 
A true classic for the wet shave

Shaving soaps are regarded as classics among care products. Rich, gently scented lather is produced from the bar of soap and water with the help of a shaving brush. 

Numerous care components nourish and protect the skin. MÜHLE soaps from the sandalwood, aloe vera and sea buckthorn series are free from preservatives and contain no trace elements and minerals.
Moisture and care for your skin

After Shave Balm has long established itself as a soothing finale, also for men who dry shave. This care product relieves any irritation, prevents the skin from drying out, moisturises, nourishes and refreshes.

Creatures of habit like to stick with their favourites, whether aloe vera, sandalwood or sea buckthorn - but without preservatives. 
For the nature of man

As wet shave experts it is only natural that MÜHLE also offers a purely organic, exclusive product series. More and more men are now opting for naturalness when it comes to face, hair and body care. 

MÜHLE ORGANIC is developed from controlled organic farming. A clearly structured natural cosmetics programme made from selected raw materials. Designed for the special needs of the male skin. Pure, with the best that nature has to offer and BDIH-certified.
Do you know your skin type? 

Feel free to get in touch with us or visit us in store for consultation on which products and product combination to use. 

We look forward to seeing from you. 


Team KONTOR 202

Original text by MÜHLE Shaving Culture.

14 Unique Travel and Beauty Essentials that will will blow your mind!

Got the wanderlust bug?

If not yet, you sure will after you check out our new blog post on the quintessentials for your Summer travels. Whether youre headed to Santorini to watch romantic sunsets, slurping cocktails on Ibiza or climbing the Kilimanjaro you surely want to look your best wherever you are. Happy reading, happy shopping, happy traveling.

Happy reading, happy shopping, happy traveling. 


Make it worthwhile and take a little bit of us with you.

Much love,  

L΄atelier KONTOR 202


HELLO! All Natural Cosmetics Bamboo Toothbrush!

Sustainable, vegan and made from renewable resources: 
The All Natural Bamboo Toothbrush from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME!. The toothbrush from sustainable cultivation ensures thorough and gentle cleansing of teeth and gums thanks to its soft BPA free nylon bristles. But bamboo does not only look good: the ecological raw material grows rapidly and is therefore considered particularly environmentally friendly. Thanks to its unusual black bristles and the reduced design, the toothbrush not only makes a good impression in every bathroom, but also reminds you to save water. 

• Made from sustainably grown bamboo.

• 100% vegan.

• From environmentally friendly, fast-growing material.

• Soft bristles for gentle cleansing.
Eirinis Street 57
3041 Limassol
T: +357 25 257500


We are excited to share with you that since 2nd of May the Headquarters of Tototheo Maritime Ltd in Limassol, Cyprus are gloriously blooming with the L’atelier KONTOR 202 long lasting Infinity Roses. Custom-made in their corporate colours and signature letter. Royal Blue to suit the maritime industry and minimalistic in its appearance.

But not just that! All the bathrooms at the Tototheo Headquarters are now equipped with the All Natural Lemon Honey Soap from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME! Sustainability all the way. 

Our exquisite and luxurious Infinity Roses do not only appear fresh but are also natural and yet alone they will last for SEVERAL YEARS. 

Keep them away from direct sunlight and do not water them, that’s all. L’atelier KONTOR 202, to the best of our knowledge, is the first in Cyprus to have preserved roses that can last for 2-3 years. 

Our Infinity Roses are imported from Ecuador and are available in a wide colour palette. At the time of their most beautiful flowering, they are carefully treated with a proprietary solution, which stops the growth of the rose in its most perfect state. 

An important question especially for the maritime industry is always what about the carbon footprint? 

Well, a fresh rose from Holland has produced 3.0 kg of CO2 until it has arrived in Cyprus, a preserved rose from Ecuador has produced 0.5 kg of CO2. Thus over the lifetime of your preserved rose you save  more than 250 kg of CO2 per rose!

What’s the deal with the WATER? 

Did you know that a fresh rose needs 5 litres to grow to blossom? Thus over the lifetime of your preserved rose you save more than 500 litres for each rose! 

And then there is the saving water issue from STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME and where is most water used? In the bathrooms! This brand encourages each and everyone to stop wasting water. So, turn the tap off when you’re washing your hands and use half flush when you’re done with your toilet business. Quite simple really. 

STOP THE WATER WHILE USING ME is available in over 350 shops worldwide and more than 140 Boutique Hotels. 

A huge thank you to Tototheo Maritime Ltd and its joint CEO’s Socrates Theodossiou and Despina Panayiotou Theodossiou as well as its employees. 

The Tototheo Group with its headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus is a global leading company specializing in satellite and radio communication, automation, navigations systems and ship repairs for the maritime industry as well as providing solutions for land, air and government installations. The Tototheo Group has further founded the Marine Fields Holding Ltd to enhance digital collaboration between shipping companies, ports and terminals. 
Looking for a new look at your offices?
Get in touch with us:
L’atelier KONTOR 202
T: +357 25 257500


NEW IN | 66°30 | Organic Skincare for MEN

L΄atelier KONTOR 202 has expanded its’ range of Organic Skincare for Men with 66°30 made in France.

66° 30 is the angle of inclination of the Earth and the origin of the seasons.
This symbolic contrast between the force of the universe and the fragility of its equilibrium is reflected in the life of today’s urban man.
Created for today’s man, driven by similar forces of strength and vulnerability, confident in the future, yet also aware of the fragile equilibrium of his environment and his skin… 66°30 is a new line of organic certified skincare dedicated to him.
“STICK TO THE STRICT MAXIMUM” is Didier Arthaud’s motto as the founder of this comprehensive yet very easy to use organic skincare range that is specifically tailored to the essential needs of the skin of the modern man: Purify – Nourish – Moisturise – Protect – Regenerate - Soothe.

66°30 IN BRIEF

A line of organic cosmetic products for men
adapted to the essential needs of the skin:
Purify – Nourish – Moisturize – Protect – Regenerate - Soothe

A comprehensive range of multi-functional products
tailored to the needs of the modern man

A unique concentration of active ingredients
(up to 88%)

Amongst the highest concentrations of ingredients
from organic farming (up to 80%)

A combination of benefits of more than 20 plants
from protected French and European biotopes

The Care line of products features the Urban Shield®,
an exclusive patented synergetic complex of 7 plant extracts

The effectiveness of the 66°30 products has been consistently proven
by scientific tests made by independent laboratories
66°30 is also available as a professional SPA product range together with relevant Protocols for 30΄, 60΄ and 90΄-minute treatments.
Visit us for an introductory moment on the brand and benefit from 20% OFF during launch week. Offer is valid from 26.04-03.05.2017 in our shop or online. Just use coupon code “HELLO6630” at checkout.

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CHLOE • by L'atelier Kontor 202 Happy Valentine's Day from us here Kontor 202 | Open until 7 PM today ❤️
Roses or Chocolate? Why not both?
Find us today at Kontor 202 | Eirinis Street 57, Old Town Limassol | OPEN ...
CHLOE • by L'atelier Kontor 202 Order by 3 PM today (12 February) to ensure your Valentine receives their gift in time.
Joulietta Chocolatier The perfect gift for the one you love...
Chloe Flowerbox -X- Joulietta Chocolatier & Patissier
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The Perfect Gift For The One You Love!
A hand-painted Chocolate Heart Box filled with Gourmet Chocolates ...
Kontor 202's cover photo CHLOE • by L'atelier Kontor 202 -X- Joulietta Chocolatier

Perfect gift for the one you love!


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