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Fish and seafood in Limassol, at special places next to the sea!

With a wonderful coastline from Pentakomo to Pissouri, Limassol is great for combining small tours and excursions with fish and seafood in restaurants and taverns, just a few kilometres outside of the city.

So gather your family and friends and get ready for delicious fish meze and seafood at special locations by the sea, enjoying beautiful moments.

From Pissouri, to Governor's Beach and Lady's Mile, the taverns and the restaurants in Limassol, accompany their dishes, with flavours, images and aromas of the sea, for the ultimate Mediterranean experience.

The countryside…

1. Akti Sofroniou (Governor’s Beach)

Akti Sofroniou is located at Governor's Beach, in an idyllic location by the sea, with garden and grass. The venue welcomes you in a Mediterranean setting that meet your expectations with delicious fish meze and à la carte dishes.

Address: Governor’s Beach
Contact number: 25 632 312
More information about Akti Sofroniou here.

2. Agios Georgios Alamanou

One of the most well-known fish taverns, a few minutes away from the city, Agios Georgios Alamanou is located next to the beach and the popular, white rocks of the area, with an unobstructed view to the sea. With a big outdoor and indoor space, it offers fish platters, pasta and seafood for a complete, tasting experience.

Address: Agios Georgios Alamanos (Pentakomo exit from the highway)
Contact number: 25 633 634

3. Melanda (Avdimou)

Melanda tavern, just 15 minutes away from the city, is located at Avdimou Bay, with a magnificent view to the deep blue of the sea. Combine your visit to the tavern with a wonderful excursion to the area and when you arrive there, enjoy fresh fish, seafood and dishes from the Mediterranean cuisine.

Contact number: 99 565 336

4. Yialos (Pissouri)

Yialos tavern, preparing fish and seafood for years, is located at Pissouri Bay, combining delicious flavours with a splendid natural landscape. In addition to seafood, you can find on its menu plenty of various Mediterranean dishes as well.

Address: 1, Ithakis Street
Contact number: 25 221 747

5. Faros (Governor’s Beach)

Delicious seafood dishes are offered at Faros Restaurant, which is situated at one of the most beautiful beaches in Limassol. Just a few meters from the sea, with a big outdoor area, garden and grass, it’s a great choice for tasting pleasures for the whole family.

Address: 5, Griva Digeni, Governor’s Beach
Contact number: 25 632 552

6. Panayiotis Governor’s Beach

You will enjoy your fish with an unobstructed view to the sea, at a beautiful location at the Governor's Beach. The restaurant is located on a small hill above the beach and besides the seafood, you will enjoy the amazing natural landscape and the white rocks of the area.

Address: 1, Stratigou Floraki Street
Contact number: 25 632 315

Just a breath away from the city...

7. Captain’s Cabin

The food is offered in a relaxed setting by the sea, on the coast of Lady's Mile beach. From salads and snacks, to seafood and fish at grill, Captain's Cabin meet your expectations in every visit, combining the tasty seafood with happy moments at the beach.

Address: Lady’s Mile Beach
Contact number: 96 30 40 50
More information about Captain’s Cabin here.

8. Glaros by the Sea

Glaros by the Sea restaurant is located on the beautiful beach of Lady's Mile, with a magnificent view to the Mediterranean sea. On its menu you can find Cypriot fish, fish meze and seafood platters, which you can enjoy right by the sea.

Address: Lady’s Mile Beach
Contact number: 99 093 171

9. Oasis Fish Restaurant

Delicious fish dishes and seafood are served, in a magnificent setting that directly challenges your appetite. Oasis fish restaurant at Lady's Mile beach will lead you to incredibly tasty journeys along with the sea, the sun and the beach.

Address: Lady’s Mile Beach
Contact number: 99 888 871

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