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First Aphrodite's baths were on Limassol's mountains, before she moved to Paphos!

A local legend on the mountains of Limassol claims that the goddess, before relocated to Kouklia in Paphos, where she was worshiped like no other place, with a brilliant temple dedicated to her, she was living in the forest of Troodos. In fact, Aphrodite was thought to bathe herself at Hantara waterfalls, near Fini village.

The scenery in the area is almost unreal. The waterfall emerges through a wild, virgin landscape with plane tress, pine trees and other endemic trees and herbs that spread their scents all over the place. The water falls dashing from a cliff of around 8 meters high, forming a little lake, flowing over harsh, volcanic rocks.

A picture, as heavenly as if it was coming out of Eden, would naturally indicate the presence of the goddess of beauty for the locals. Thus, the legend that connected Aphrodite with the Troodos forest grew among the local community. In fact, according to this legend, when the goddess was bathing, the rain started falling so heavily that the flow of the water river became so strong as to drag her along to the estuaries, over to the Paphos shore, close to Kouklia. 

Check out the video from the winter scenery at Hantara waterfalls.

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