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NEW: A trainer and a lawyer from Limassol opened an alternative coffee shop in the city

At Evelthontos Street in the old town, one step from Panos Solomonides Cultural Center, for the past few months there is located a totally different coffee shop. Julietta and Christiana, trainer and lawyer respectively, have created their own space by themselves – from the decorations on the walls to the last detail in the menu.

In particular, the place is extraordinary due to the fact that the shop serves, from 9 am to 4 pm, the most gourmet, original and healthy dishes. Roasted chickpeas and soup with beets, gluten free biscuits and cakes, fresh juices, smoothies and coffees, vegetarian dishes at most imaginative combinations and with a good balance of calories and nutrients. They're all there.

Both of the owners love cooking, care for their proper diet, prefer the flavors with which they grew up and invest in their ingenuity in the kitchen to offer something created with much love and effort. This coffee shop, flirting with tradition - which is anyway pervasive in the area - but with a modern, urban twist in its concept, is the solution for breakfast, lunch and in nibbles in between with prices of €3 - €9.

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