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Everything frozen on Prodromos: Pictures of the dam and the "haunted" hotel

Prodromos, just a few meters below the top of Troodos, is the community of Cyprus that usually hits the lowest winter temperatures. Indeed, since 1964, Prodromos reserves the Cyprus wide record for the lowest temperature ever recorded on the island. This is the village where the fireplaces are lit first at the beginning of winter, as well as the first village that sees snowflakes.

Prodromos also offers a landscape of inconceivable beauty, hidden in the forest of Troodos with a camp site near the dam with the highest altitude. This dam, both this year and the last one, turned into a lovely frozen "mirror" that reflects all the glory of the frozen landscape. The small size of the dam and the low temperatures in the area allow us to enjoy this view quite often.

This exceptional beauty pushed a prominent citizen to exploit it in the early 30s, building a grand hotel, just outside the village. The hotel was named Verengaria, referring to the royal families who passed through the island during the middle ages. The luxury hotel has been abandoned for decades, being left just with the legends that surround it and gothic elements that add to the rumors about the "haunted building".

The winter image of the hotel can certainly give even more arguments to those who support this theory, especially when it is reflected through the lens of the talented Manos Botrini.

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